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Sewer Line Repair Joplin MO

Unique Advanced Technologies of Sewer Line Repair in Joplin MO

Have you noticed foul smell coming from the lawn lately? If yes, then this could be a clear sign of a leaking or broken sewer line. It may necessitate sewer line repair in Joplin to avoid inconveniencing not only your family, but also neighbors with air pollution. It is very likely that you will attempt to do the repairs yourself. However, due to the risky nature of the job and the mess it may cause if not handled well, it’s highly recommended that you seek the services of professional plumbers.

Professional Plumbers

The technology in the plumbing field is always advancing with the unique challenges that continue to come up. The manner in which a plumber would repair your sewer line 10 years ago is not the same as how he/she will go about it today. Housing structures change, plumbing techniques change, house owners plumbing needs change and so do plumber’s skills in this industry. For instance, a broken pipe would necessitate digging it up and fixing the affected part. To save you all that hustle and bustle, advancements have been made in sewer line repair. This article will thus look at some of these advancement and how suitable they can be to your plumbing needs.

Using CIPP Lining

In full, CIPP means cured in place pipe. Simple as the words may sound, this mechanism has helped restore sewer lines to normal functioning without having to dig broken parts out. To reline using CIPP means avoiding land excavation which can be costly and time consuming. It aims at reinforcing sewer line without wholly replacing the damaged part strengthening it to last even longer. Here is how it is basically done.

How CIPP is done

Depending on the scale of the damage, a PVC which is ideally seamless is used to reline the pipe. The material runs through the whole pipe filling cracks and broken parts that may be leaking the foul smell. Before sealing with the PVC, a hydro-jet cleaning mechanism to rid off any debris that may hinder perfect sealing is done. Hot steamed pressure then goes through the line applying CIPP lining to the sewer line fixtures. The concern with this procedure is that, in worn out pipes, it may not work as it ends up doing more harm than good. Professionals thus can examine the condition of the pipe before embarking to these procedure.

Piper Bursting

It’s another modern way of repair a sewer pipe. If your pipe is poorly damaged o the level that only a replacement would help, this is the procedure that is mostly used. It basically features bursting of the entire damaged pipe and replacing it newer ones. When doing this, the plumber will make a small hole on both ends of the damaged lines. The contractor or rather the plumber then feeds a stable and thick cable through the two openings. A bursting tool is usually on one end of the cable while the other end has the PVC or HDPE Line section. The bursting had thus takes out the old line replacing it with the new pipe almost instantly. It is a perfect clean procedure that rescues the situation without excavation.


This is also a popular type of sewer pipe repair process that helps avoid digging plumbing pipes out. With this process, there is a machine that uses pneumatic technology. This equipment is run through the space where the pipe is to be laid instead or tearing up roads to salvage plumbing situations. The pipe is then laid following the hole left by the pneumatic machine.

Inversion Lining

This is a perfect procedure used when the damaged pipe is still in better condition. It is done to seal small cracks that mostly cause small leaks which may end up ripping the whole pipe if pressure is increased. The liner material in this case is made from felt tube and resin. A hole is then made one end of the pipe from where the material will run through.

Pull in Place process

Finally, there is this pull in pace procedure of sewer line repair in Joplin. It is useful in situations where the pipes have pulled apart causing small leak that could equally be the reason for foul smell. Using this procedure, the plumber will thus dig two hole on either sides of the part then using a wrench, the plumber will pull the two ends into place again. Steam pressure is used to seal and heal the material. These technologies can only be performed by professionals that’s why you will need a contractor for the job.

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