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How To Unclog A Toilet

There is nothing worse than being confronted with a clogged toilet. There are a number of different methods that you can use to unclog a toilet and you should choose one that suits your problem. Some of these methods are more commonly known than others, but some will work better in certain situations.

Using A Plunger

One of the most commonly used methods to unclog a toilet is a plunger. Before using a plunger you need to prepareplunger your bathroom because some splashing could occur when using a plunger. You should also ensure that the bathroom is properly ventilated because there could be foul odors from the process.

Before reaching for the plunger, you need to consider if you can clear the obstruction without it. If you can see the obstruction then you should try removing it without the plunger. If you are unable to reach the obstruction, but know what the object is such as a child’s toy you should not use a plunger.

If you do need to use a plunger, you should consider getting a ball-shaped plunger or one that is designed to work on a toilet. These plungers will create the best seal and allow you to remove the obstruction in the toilet easily. Cheap suction type plungers will often not work for your toilet.

You should insert the plunger into the bowl of the toilet and ensure that it covers the hole. The plunger should be submerged in the water to be effective and you should add water to the bowl if you need to. You should then pump the plunger slowly to start and keep the movement steady. It could take up to 20 movements for the toilet to unclog.


Use An Enzyme Product

There are a number of enzyme products on the market and you need to choose one that will liquefy waste materials. These enzymes are generally used in septic systems, but will help you unclog your toilet. This method of unclogging a toilet will only work with organic waste and not with other objects or obstacles like toys.

Once you have the enzyme product you need to follow the instructions on the container. You will have to pour the recommended amount of the enzyme into the toilet bowl. You will generally have to wait overnight for the enzymes to work and the toilet will generally drain as soon as the clog has been cleared.

Using A Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you have tried plunging the toilet or removing the obstacle and it has not helped, you should look at using a wet/dry vacuum. Before using the vacuum, you need to empty the water from the bowl and any other debris. Once the bowl is empty you need to insert the vacuum hose into the hole without any attachments. You also need to wrap an old towel around the hole to create a seal.

When you turn on the vacuum you need to use a hand to apply pressure on the towel to create a good seal. A moment or two should be enough for the vacuum to suck out the clog.

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